Keepers of the Clans

Establishing Wolfpaw Outpost: Day 1

A Frostwolf Fireside Tale

You were lucky that we found you when we did. By the looks of you and your cave, you probably didn’t have much time left. Your women were gone and with that evil creature preventing you from leaving to hunt, you would have died in no time.

The ancestors have smiled upon you by sending us your way. You can avoid that grim fate by proving yourselves worthy to become Frostwolves. What does it mean to be Frostwolf? It means true strength: of body and spirit. It means forging order in chaotic wilderness. It means honoring the ancestors by keeping the old ways while forging a new path ahead.

By helping us build this new outpost, currently designated Wolfpaw, you will start making names for yourselves. Whatever names you had before, those belong to dead men. You will become something new, something greater. We will work on your discipline and mettle so that when this outpost is completed, we can march you in front of our great chieftain Durotan with confidence that you will be accepted fully as new brothers in the clan.

I’m the morning Dak and Oguk will start cataloguing your skills so we can best utilize your talents in this endeavor. Some will serve as labor to build the fortification. Others will be charged with defense. Still others will hunt food and gather supplies. Lastly, a few of you may be tasked with scouting the area with us as this region is unfamiliar to the Frostwolves while your knowledge may be more intimate.

We need Wolfpaw built and quickly. The Frostfire ogres have made their intent for war known. Wolfpaw will serve to support any advanced forces and provide surveillance of any movement toward Frostwolf village.

Besides ogres there are others out here. Before finding your cave, we also found some sick Draenei. It is not yet clear if that was an isolated occurrence or if more Draenei make their homes here. They did not appear threatening but we should be ever vigilant.

Eat up, boys. We get to work in earnest when the sun rises.


dcdice29 Dbreker

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