Keepers of the Clans

Kargath comes to Frostfire/First Blood

A campfire tale of the Frostwolf clan

Brothers and sisters, you have no doubt seen the arrival of emissaries from the Open Hand. We are blessed by the presence of their leader, Kargath, himself. Perhaps you have even spoken with them regarding their grand plan to unite the clans. Let me reassure you that the Open Hand are diplomats and sages. They do not seek to unite through war but rather through the sharing of knowledge and trade. Essentially Kargath seeks to make the model of the clan and expanded to include all orcs under a unified banner.

Already we Frostwolves share our skills in order to survive. Indigo and Igorak bring us food. Dak mends our wounds and crafts magical trinkets. Oguk blazes trails into the wilderness beyond our village. Our great chieftain guides us with his wisdom. And Tor’vash and I bring honor to our clan in battle with our enemies.

Even now the Frostfire ogres seek our destruction, but we have a plan. In the morning we will take a group and begin the construction of a fort overlooking ogre territory and our own. We ask for any volunteers who wish there names to be remembered by the clan for their bravery. There will be danger as we have already slaughtered 2 scouting parties of ogres, and they may seek revenge. I say let them come! Let them have their fill of Frostwolf fists to the face and mouthfuls of their own blood! This land is our home and we shall not be parted from it!

I also have to admit to the wisdom of Kargath’s words. Perhaps we would be stronger united for we are beset by many enemies: ogre, Draenei, beasts, and the forces of nature. We will now and forever be Frostwolf, but maybe we could also be something more. It would dishonor our clan not to contemplate the offering of a welcomed guest.


dcdice29 Dbreker

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