Keepers of the Clans

Ogre Ruins

A Tale Recounted by Vash to Tor'vash

Brother, the ogre ruins were quite interesting. I hope your oversight of Wolfpaw outpost was productive for you missed an adventure. Worry not, I will recount the glory for you so that you could live it as if you were there.

As you recall, we were summoned from Wolfpaw by Durotan and we left you in charge of the site as it was too important to leave without the guiding fist of a council member. Durotan was meeting with Doomhammer who was very impressive. His pecs rivaled your own, Tor’vash. We inquired about the Blackrock clan taking on our blacksmith to train him since they are fine craftsmen, and they agreed.

Next we were given the location of some ogre ruins and were dispatched to investigate. En route some cloaked marauders made the foolish mistake of attaching our company and paid dearly for it. I was a fury of fist and bone, but did you know that Bob, Dak’s goat, has a knack for battle as well. I called on the ancestors to give us dire strength which turned Tony as expected into a dire cat and he took one flank while I defended the other. Suddenly out of nowhere, Bob comes up behind me, transformed by my ancestral energy into a bone spiked devil goat and starts leaving gaping bite wounds in our foes. As it turns out, we probably shouldn’t eat that goat.

The ruins were accessed through hand sized carvings on some stone pillars which revealed a door. Dak for all his lore couldn’t figure it out but a series of palm strikes from me seemed to show the pillars who was boss and prove our strength and worthiness to enter. A stairway opened up below us.

There were rooms of shoddy art that even a half wit Orc child would be embarrassed to display. Other rooms of nothing but paper. A map of inaccurate proportions. A room with – and I am not joking – 3 animated ogre skeletons moving boxes back and forth. I wonder if these ogres were so wise in life that the very wisdom within their bones has taken on life of its own. It was a curious phenomena and one I would love to return to at another time for they remain their still as far as I know.

After destroying a rather large spider, we were able to open a locked door where we were greeted by some spirit of an ogre. It did not seem to know that it was dead nor that there was nothing else in the room for it moved about as if interacting with objects in the room which were clearly absent. This spirit brought us before 3 other spirits who were under the assumption that we were there to sign a trade deal defending ogre caravans. After an exasperating interaction, we did end up “signing” a spectral document which we could not read. Dak believes the ogre chieftain was the spirit of a great ogre chieftain who was thought to be a legend rather than a real person.

We returned to Frostwolf village with our story and an orb containing what appeared to be lightning. Neither Durotan nor Doomhammer could identify it, and neither could believe our tale, but I know you will believe me, brother.

Don’t worry. We won’t leave you out of our next conquest.


dcdice29 Dbreker

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