Keepers of the Clans

Ogre Ruins, part 2

The account as reported to Durotan

We returned to Wolfpaw outpost to find it under attack by ogres. Our fellow Frostwolf orcs and the new recruits fought incredibly bravely against the force that had caught them by surprise. Our primary scout was far afield surveying the area and we had not yet been able to establish outbound scouting parties. We repelled the attack losing only 2 of our side and setting construction behind by 4 days. We will need to be more wary in the future as this could have been an utter disaster. To this end, Oguk has discussed training and organizing some advanced scouting patrols.

Our primary scout did return with detailed maps of the region including several points of interest: a mining site, a village of Draenei, and 2 more ogre ruins.

The Draenei village proved to be docile, but they were too afraid of us to consider an alliance against the ogres and shared little information. We may need to send Dak back again without accompanying warriors to further secure a mutually beneficial relationship. At any rate, they do not outwardly appear to pose a threat, but we should be cautious until we better understand where they stand.

The ruins were similar to the previous discovery. Four stone pillars surrounded a hidden entrance mechanism at each site. Inside were various rooms. One held ornately crafted weapons of which we have brought back a sample of 8. They are too large and unwieldy for orcs to use, but we thought our smiths would find the craftsmanship and artistry interesting.

Our scholars, or the Open Hand, may find historical value in the weapons and the ruins for they seem to be from a time long since past, before the decline of ogre civilization. I am uncertain if it is some magic of the locations themselves or something the ogres were capable of, but each ruin has held animated ogre skeletons doing tedious tasks. It may have been that ogres were once capable of harnessing the spiritual energy of bones for labor, but without guidance these entities carry on without purpose.

Most disturbing of all, we have had to bear witness to ghostly apparitions of historical events. Yet we are not simply an audience for these events but are able to interact with the apparitions as if we were actually there when they occurred. They address us directly! We have witnessed a treaty between ogre and orc, the coronation of a new ogre king, and the torture and beheading of orc children by ogres in retaliation for some misdeed. Something happened to separate orc and ogre as enemies, but this history is not known even by wise old Dak.

We will continue to search for any additional ruins, but we have not seen any pattern in their positioning among Frostfire. Each site has also held a strange glyph which me will need resources to decipher.

My chieftain, I say this next part to you and you alone for it is pure speculation. Once we had seen the apparitions, on exiting the ruins we found that the chamber through which we had previously passed was covered in untouched dust as if no one had entered in ages, yet we had just gone through the chamber minutes before. I will look to the bones for wisdom, but this concerns me that the apparitions were set apart from the flow of time itself until the event could be witnessed. The witnessing of the event may have ended the hold in time and caused the entire location to rapidly return to normal expected age, thus the dust. The implication is that these are messages intentionally placed for some specific purpose. I request that you send others from the council to one of these sites now that they have been cleared of danger. My suspicion is that no such apparition will be found a second time.


dcdice29 Dbreker

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