Keepers of the Clans

Division and Reunification
A fireside tale of the Frostwolf Clan

Durotan had a falling out with Indigo and her brother, the twins primarily responsible for gathering meat for the clan. As a result they had left, compromising the longevity of the clan just as we were being threatened by the Frostfire ogres. Durotan requested that 4 members of the council secretly search out the two and request there return.

Tor’vash and I eagerly volunteered for the glory of our clan. Oguk, the hunter who had led me into the wilderness and protected my body on my vision quest, agreed to go as well as we would need his survival skills. The shaman also consented to go in order to temper our youthful vigor with his knowledge and wisdom.

Several opportunities to demonstrate our might presented themselves. We slaughtered 4 dire wolverines that rabidly attacked us. I stripped their bones to honor our primal ancestors and there power became ours. We crossed paths with several members of the Red Walker Clan and joined them in a storied battle with a wraith and several wights. Oguk’s tiger, Tony, suffered grave injury but survived. The cat is brave but is still a beast and no match for the nobility and greatness of an orc for our destiny is to dominate Draenor.

We found Indigo and her brother in a cave. The nature of their quarrel with Durotan was not clearly stated, but the shaman had heard rumors that the dispute was over moving the clan from their more defensible current position to a location more centralized for hunting wild game. The twins lost our respect for the childish way in which they defied our chieftain, but would later earn some modicum of respect back by demonstrating their prowess against a salamander and several fire iphrits. If only there sense of propriety was as strong as their martial skill, they would have seats on the council and Frostwolf would be greater than ever.

We returned to the Frostwolf clan with the twins, who agreed to stay. Durotan has now tasked us with sending a message to the Frostfire ogres who threaten our existence. Tor’vash and I rejoice in another opportunity to establish our legend and honor the ancestors.

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