Keepers of the Clans


In order to lure the ogres into confrontation on our terms, our strategist has suggested baiting them into battle on some land bridges. In order to do this, we have begun dropping tidbits of information in various locations hinting at our battle plan. The idea is to make it look like the ogres were able to gather this intelligence themselves. We dropped one document off at an ogre ruin, the captured unfinished outpost (which we stripped and abandoned), and the land bridge.

In the process we found to more spectral displays. One depicted ogres and orcs learning to farm. Oguk proved particularly useful in instructing them on the use of predators to protect their crops. The second was the delivery of an unusual child, possibly the reincarnation of a legendary orc chieftain. Dak, Oguk, and Vash performed a successful extra-vaginal delivery and Tor’vash provided pain control in the form of a knockout blow.


dcdice29 Dbreker

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