Sacred Fist Warpriest
1: 0, Aura, orisons, +Wis AC/CMD, flurry of blows 2/-2, improved unarmed strike 1d6, blessing (minor), spontaneous casting, bonus languages (celestial), feat (dodge→retrain channel smite)
2: +1, Fervor 1d6, flurry of blows 1/-1
3: +2, Blessed Fortitude, flurry of blows 0/0, feat (precise strike
→retrain guided hand)
4: +3, +1 dodge AC/CMD, channel energy, improved unarmed strike 1d8, flurry of blows +1/
5: 3, Fervor 2d6, flurry of blows +1/1, feat (precise strike)
6: 4, Bonus style feat (pummeling style), flurry of blows +2/2, bonus combat feat favored class (outflank)
7: 5, Ki pool (1 insight bonus to AC and 4 dodge bonus to AC, magic), flurry of blows +3/3, feat (weapon focus)

Alignment: LN

STR 14
CON 14
DEX 14
INT 10
WIS 18

Blessings: Community and Protection

Traits: fate’s favored (faith), fools for friends (campaign), holy tattoo (regional), finish the fight (race)

Drawback: overprotective (-2 to attack rolls/skill checks if more than 10 feet from an unconscious ally), family ties (must do as family requests or take penalties)

Languages: common, orc, celestial


Growing up with his brother Tor’vash, Vash knew they were destined for greatness. After all, they had been born under a lunar eclipse, a profound cosmic omen. With this kind of portent came much expectation, and someone always trying to prove the brothers were nothing special. These trials honed Vash and Tor’vash into skilled combatants, living weapons capable of dismantling opponents with their bare hands. Tor’vash was stronger and naturally more adept at fighting, but Vash was more disciplined, often aiding his brother toward success with skillful strikes and tactical positioning. The 2 became feared fighters which led to respect in the clan.

Vash was inclined toward the shamanistic traditions of his people, and he absorbed the oral histories. With each tale recalled, Vash found a deeper bond with his ancestors. In each legend he found wisdom, and following a particularly harrowing spirit quest he discovered that he could channel the spirits of his ancestors into manifest power. By recalling the battles of old, he could infuse his strikes with divine energies. Though he envied his brother’s strength, Vash had found his own way.

1) Revere and respect the ancestors for their toils and wisdom have raised up all orcs and set them on the path of perfection.
2) Cleanliness is godliness
3) Order separates Orc from beast and is what allows Orcs to impose their will upon creation.
4) Bones are special. They are the last thing that remains of a creature when all else has passed, they are the final piece of knowledge left written on the world, the bastion of life energy. They symbolize resilience. To crush another creatures bones with your own is to demonstrate the superiority of your resolve. Thus hand-to-hand combat, without weapons, is divine.


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