Keepers of the Clans

The Southern Campaign: First Strike

A campfire tale

The ancestors were honored by your battle prowess and the story of this day will long be shared among the Frostwolf clan. As many of our past glories are retold around the campfire, let me be the first to give voice to the tale of this day. Let the bones bear witness and the ancestors pay heed!

[Vash throws an ogre skull and mandible into the fire and begins pacing]

We of the council returned from a exploring an old orc ore mining site to hear that Rohrs, the unparalleled scout, had found evidence of ogre construction suggesting fortification in preparation for war. One was a heavily fortified stone structure, the second a smaller walled outpost, and the third under active construction. After much debate we gathered 20 of our fiercest warriors and marched to take the construction as it was far less defensible and the raw materials could be used to further our own outposts in the Frostfire region.

We approached from the south to block any chance of escape to one of the other 2 fortifications. In the late afternoon sun, we rushed the outpost. Dak brought the blessing of the ancestors to bolster our forces. I brought the blessing of the bone to our captains so that our enemies would quake at our dire might. From Oguk and Tor’vash there was no where to hide as arrow, tooth, claw, and fist put a decisive and expedient end to the battle. Your courage and strength, all of you, took the day and this outpost. This victory is yours!

It was a resounding success, yet even greater battles await us. Still 2 more even more stalwart outposts remain to be taken in this campaign. We have the advantage of surprise and may use speed to our advantage, advancing as early as tomorrow on the next outpost before the ogres realize what has happened and can prepare. Or we may elect to hold this site and request further reinforcements from Durotan before moving forward to bolster our numbers against what are sure to be larger forces ahead. We of the council will deliberate on this tonight. May wisdom be ever with us, but we will always have strength with you at our side, my fellow orcs!


dcdice29 Dbreker

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