Keepers of the Clans

The Southern Campaign: Momentum

The account as told to Durotan at the council meeting

My chieftain, some of this you undoubtedly know from Oguk’s report, but I will retell it again for completeness. With the first ogre outpost taken, we had 2 choices: send for reinforcements and wait before proceeding, or strike out immediately to seize the advantage of our surprise attack. Tor’vash, Dak, Oguk, and myself along with Durrak, the leader of the warriors devised to do both as both had equal merit. Oguk volunteered to run back to Frostwolf village and return with support while we moved with Durrak’s remaining forces south to capture the next outpost. There were 21 of us on the march and we didn’t know what to expect.

On the way we came across 2 more sets of ogre ruins. Both held more ghostly picture shows of times past. In one, orcs and ogres were working together to build a machine that could map the stars. In the other we witnessed orcs cowardly drown captured ogre women and children. Though ogres are our enemy, it brings shame upon those who acted so dishonorably. I pray these images we have seen are untrue, but everything about the experience says otherwise.

We were quite outnumbered by the heavily defended and fully constructed, walled second outpost. We had considered stealth but in the end went with a show of force. A stealth strike would have suggested weakness on our part, that we lacked the power for open confrontation. Instead, we struck at dawn with the sun to our backs, marching in as if we had a force of hundreds. Dak commanded our 4 archers to pin down any javelin throwers from the walls and we met them head on at the gate. I still feel the rush of that battle now. Tor’vash and I stood our ground against a wave of ogres, forming a defensive wall while Dak showed them his elemental fury. The ancestors were with me that day, their power coursing through me. How else could I have survived being surrounded by such an onslaught with barely a scratch?

Dak seems to always be there for us to mend our wounds in battle and lend us his sage advise in times of trouble. I guess it makes sense since he was there to bring us into this world that he would want Tor’vash and I to do great things. I know he sometimes disapproves of our eccentricities, but he really has been a father figure for us in a lot of ways. I can’t really get over the goat staring thing though.

Anyway, I digress. Our assault was so successful and surprising to the ogres that their forces routed despite superior numbers. Tor’vash and I gave chase briefly in case any had second thoughts about coming back or trying to halt the retreat, but none did. We took stock of our number and the outpost itself. Though undoubtedly a success, we had suffered heavier losses than previous and were now down to only 5 soldiers including Durrak. We did not have enough warriors to continue our campaign southward to the final fortress. We settled in until Oguk arrived a few days later with reinforcements and summoned us home.

The outpost is well constructed if not slightly oversized and we will be able to make excellent use of it. We have taken the liberty of naming it Wolf’s Tale in honor of the great glory achieved by so few that day. Between it and Wolfpaw outpost, we should have a healthy hold of that region. We will eventually need to deal with the remaining fortress, however.

That is my report. I will return to meditation while we await your next orders. You have other advisors who are better suited for such things as military strategy. I will fulfill my duties to the ancestors by retelling their tales and adding those of recent glory.

Durotan, one last thing. The bones foretell a storm coming. I know not if this is physical or metaphorical but it is ominous. Be cautious.


dcdice29 Dbreker

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