Black Tooth Grin Clan

Region: Gorgrond

Chieftains: Rend and Maim

Militants and Rebels

Other clans don’t quite understand the Black Tooth Grin. They have built a series of camps and strongholds which span west to east, coast to coast, of Gorgrond. To travel north without the Black Tooth Grin knowing is impossible. Some claim this is little more than a blockade to keep orcs away from Blackhand’s machinations. When asked, the clan simply give a sly, uneasy smile revealing the missing tooth all clan members are required to knock out to prove loyalty.
Rend and Maim are the twin sons of Blackhand. They where appointed by their father as he left the clan and went north with his most loyal. They aren’t smart or charismatic, but they love to fight. The two encourage the clan to pick fights with whomever they can. Refusal means fighting Rend or Maim which always ends badly for the challenger.

The Clans of Draenor

Black Tooth Grin Clan

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