Redwalker Clan

Region: Nagrand

Chieftain: Garad

Travelers and Archeologists

The Redwalker Clan can also trace their roots to the First Four. For generations they have been wanderers, rarely staying in one place for too long. Recently, Garad convinced the clan to settle in northern Nagrand to establish more stability in the clan. The Redwalkers still enjoy travel and searching for symbols of orc history, but they now have a place to call home. They are generally peaceful, but you wouldn’t guess it by their massive two-handed weapons.
Garad has a deep devotion to his clan, perhaps more than any other Chieftain. His knowledge of Draenic history in unrivaled. He is proud of his knowledge and often educates interested orcs of other clans. He carries a special greatsword made by the Blackrock which he dyes crimson red. Even though it looks far too big to wield, Garad is an artist with it. But as he states: historian first, warrior second.

The Clans of Draenor

Redwalker Clan

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