Twilight's Hammer Clan

Region: The Spires

Chieftain: Cho’Gall

Loners and Nihilists

The Twilight’s Hammer do not have anything to contribute to orc culture. They are scared of the world ending and work to preserve themselves and nothing else. The other clans have tried to bring them into the fold, but have failed every time. Currently they are an embarrassment to orcs and find ways to protect themselves when doomsday hits. Of course, they have no idea when doomsday will hit.
Cho’Gall rules the Twilight’s Hammer. He is the only non-orc to do so. This ogre, both body and mind twisted by powerful and unknown forces, lives in fear of Draenor exploding or collapsing. He projects this fear onto his clan. Cho’Gall is always engaged in major projects to survive such an event. For example, the Twilight’s Hammer is currently constructing a massive subterranean keep to help then clan survive the apocalypse.

The Clans of Draenor

Twilight's Hammer Clan

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