Warsong Clan

Region: Nagrand

Chieftain: Grom Hellscream

Warriors and Disciplinarians

The Warsong Clan are the pinnacle of combat skill. Each orc is encouraged to find their favorite weapon and hone their skills tirelessly. They constantly battle the Highmaul orges, but never truly defeat them, on purpose: the Warsong want reliable training. Perfection in all things is also expected. Discipline can be harsh even for the slightest of mistakes. This culture have made the Warsong feared and respected.
Grom Hellscream rules with a frown and narrow, always judging eyes. Perhaps the greatest warrior on Draenor, he wields the legandary Gorehowl, a greataxe which emits an eerie pitch during combat thanks to holes drilled through the blade. He loves his people and will fight to preserve orc culture. Grom approaches all situations with an open mind, but bores and gets frustrated easily when he doesn’t like what he hears.

The Clans of Draenor

Warsong Clan

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